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RD : From SURPRISE to PRESENT (Noriko Tomoka) by MOCHlRON RD : From SURPRISE to PRESENT (Noriko Tomoka) by MOCHlRON
okay the bear size is really small- it's suppose to be way bigger than that- but let's just let it be like that for now ok ?? ? ok 
thank you :heart:

Ahaha happy birthday to Noriko Tomoka

If the characters do age, she would be 20 years old right now. 

:bulletred:Unfortunately, her birthday was not celebrated with mirth.

:bulletblue: T I M E L I N E :bulletblue:

-> During [EVENT : SURPRISE] Noriko did not shoot her most important person. The illusion traumatizes her and causes temporary amnesia of what had happened during her illusion. She is terrified of the sight of being covered in blood and branded 'TRAITOR.'

-> During an RP that included Mister Wolf and several other rabbits, including Noriko; Ageha Hirano is the one that informs her of what Mister Wolf had done to all the rabbits. Noriko then tried to remember what had happened but takes notes and pictures of the people that had entered in the town. (Setting)

->During her breakdown, due to constant headaches and mental images of her illusion- she yells out a phrase in Russian along with :star:another voice.

->This other voice was not recognized or taken into note by anyone else besides Noriko. She held the bear close to her and whispered to it, and as expected, a voice answered back.

->:star: Nearing the end of the RP, Noriko sat on a nearby bench and received a text message from her sister, Mao Tomoka that read:
" E V E R Y O N E  I S  S A V A G E "

-> Confused, Noriko knew that rabbits :star:could not contact anyone outside the game, and it was probably the same for vice versa as well. However, a more surprising issue was that the bear could talk. The functions of the bear was unknown to her, and the bear was very rude and threatening- always making itself as a kind of god. The bear goes by the name Tokhtakhounov but Noriko shortened it to Toki for the sake of other people. 

-> The bear continues to insult Noriko and calls her feeble, weak and useless. The bear states that it is giving her harsh treatment as training. 

-> For a while, Noriko contemplates about the text message and the bear and she is flustered by this. She confronts Nato Terumi about the issue, but it ends with no solution or any sense.

->An RP took place at the cafeteria. A tall figure that wore Noriko's original clothes walked in the cafeteria, at a seat where she could see a clear view of everything that was going on in the cafeteria.

->Anyone who knows Noriko and takes note of the presence automatically assumes it's just Noriko Tomoka. However, her behavior is strange as she continues to give death threats to her bear. 

->Soon enough, Sadako Tomoka reveals herself. She mocks the people who know Noriko by telling them all the flaws and easy-to-spot aspects of her disguise. She does not give out her real name at any time but answers most of their questions concerning her purpose. She states that she goes under the orders of their father and that she is the ultimate protector of Noriko.

She states that she has been inside the blue bear Noriko's been holding for around 5-6 years. 

She states that no one can kill her, but she cannot kill or harm anyone unless they harm Noriko.

She states that nobody is aware of her actual existence besides her father and herself. 

The documents that are of her are all fake and have pictures of an entirely different girl. ((but that goes all the way to sadako's history so let's just stop there)) 

->She also takes the bear she's been threatening and zips it open- revealing a curled up Noriko inside, crying and shivering. Immediately, Nato, Ryo Shi, and Yukio are there to help. Ryo Shi continues to question Sadako, Nato questions Sadako and tries to comfort Noriko, and Yukio Fukui confronts Sadako about how siblings should be.

 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

February 13th

Sadako has tied Noriko's legs against the wheel chair, and has taken it upon herself to take her around. Noriko has no other choice but to obey due to the difference in strength and power. 

Present || February 14th

Sadako is moving Noriko around the entire area in a joyful manner as Noriko sits quietly in the wheel chair. Sadako is constantly humming and singing her own version of a birthday song especially made for Noriko.

Mister Wolf - (c) :iconmisterurufu:
Ageha Hirano - (c) :iconnocturnalmyth:
Nato Terumi - (c) :iconluckynyan4:
Ryo Shi - (c) :icony-u-m-e-c-h-a-n:
Yukio Fukui - (c) :iconpaanda-tan:
Noriko Tomoka - + Sadako Tomoka - (c) :iconrainyhoney:

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TheYamiClaxia Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my this is amazing!! Poor Nori-chan though =w="
MOCHlRON Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
waaha thank you so much
; v ;//

ah its okay she doesnt have any injuries
shes just stuck to a wheelchair 
luckynyan4 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
Amazing *o*   Happy b-day Noriko asdsafdsf <333
MOCHlRON Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
waaaha noriko very much appreciates this u vu //
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